Two shaped Pelmets and Curtains, Downham Market, Norfolk

When I met my customers, I was amazed. They wanted to completely replace their beautiful curtains. If I am honest, I was lost for words. My thought was with a few changes we could revive these curtains and give them the new lease of life that realistically they were longing for.

My customer wanted a pelmet to give there lounge a final touch of class and that would fit in nicely with their existing decor. As I pretty much walked in the room and told them we could keep the curtains and give them a new lease of life and then introduce a contrast pelmet fabric and pipe the edge in the curtain fabric. I then advised if we add a bordered edge of the pelmet fabric to the curtains these elements would allow the two fabrics to talk to each other and appear this was always designed this way. My customers were quite literally blown away with this idea.

Fitting went extremely well. We worked well as a team and enjoyed how all the theory of pelmet size would fit around the pre-existing fixed curtain track and how all the initial ideas had worked exceptionally well when we stood back and looked at the Pelmets and Curtains.

Thank you for a fine job, incredibly pleased with the result.

Customer Testimonial

Two shaped pelmets with a piped edge and curtains with border edge established in September 2020, Handmade by Helena.


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