Refresh & Revive - Curtain Alterations

We can all change our minds from time to time which is why I offer a curtain alteration service.

For a refreshed look, for instance, curtains can be adapted from pencil pleat to eyelet. A new lining can be added to provide enhanced insulation or blackout properties. Or by altering dimensions curtains and blinds can be relocated from one room to another.

Perhaps you have moved house, with a new set of windows to dress, but don’t want to have to start again from scratch? Or the arrival of a new baby or grandchild in the family has prompted you to want to bring your window blinds up to 2014 child safety standards.

With strategic thinking and clever alterations it is often possible to make good with what you already have simply by changing a pair of your curtains into a roman blind with a pelmet to be revived into your kitchen window. Those curtains that you love, but are too long for your bedroom window or too short for your lounge window, yes it is possible to lengthen curtains!

Refresh & Revive

  • Change Curtains from pencil pleat to eyelet curtains
  • Shorten curtain length
  • Increase curtain length
  • Shorten curtains and change to tab top
  • Shorten voile  curtains
  • Change unlined curtains to having blackout lining with added insulation
  • Replace lining to a more insulated lining
  • Add a new lining
  • Re-cover pelmet
  • Shorten pelmet
  • Change style of valance
  • Adapt tie backs
  • Repair flaws or damage


With my help we can find a solution.