Four Handmade Roman Blinds. Moulton Chapel, Spalding.

We have a wide window and curtains just do not work due to the television being so close to our window. We are a modern family with cool neutral walls and our desire to travel and experience family holidays is our main priority in life. We would like our blinds to reflect our family and captive the family holiday photos we have all around our home. No problem let’s get to work. What I wanted to create in this lounge was nature and the ocean with all the coastal family holiday photos it was important to capture the inspiring wave of the room. On the wide window instead of creating a long heavy roman blind, I wanted to break it up, just like a holiday. As bay windows roman blinds generally do. I used the silhouette of the window frame and got to work. Once I explained my idea my customer was delighted, they believed in my vision and the design journey began.

The fabric chosen was Prestigious Textiles Dynamic Hydro. This fabric really captured an ocean feel and we wanted to create more drama to illuminate the fabric, so we added a premium fleece blackout to bring to life our story of family happy holiday memories.

The day of fitting went well. But it was one of the hottest days of the year. We had to work slow due to the heat and then setting the three roman blinds on the wide window was a challenge. As you bring handmade fabric to life it is not perfectly straight it becomes alive with texture and volume, but we do it and we were pleased with the result.

Customer said: “They make the room we love them”.

Four Roman Blinds established in August 2020, Handmade by Helena.

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