Two Eyelet Curtains with Stainless Steel Ball Poles. Wisbech, Cambridgeshire.

Hello Helena, I would like you to make me some Curtains for my Home. Ideally Eyelets Curtains and we just love grey texture fabric. Also need Curtain poles I am hoping you can help me with that too.

On Home visit day and with the perfect solutions to meet my customers design brief. The fabric Hopsack Smoke from my supplier Prestigious Textiles. With all my Handmade Curtains we always recommend using a Premium 3-Pass Blackout Lining. Eyelets and Curtain Pole was Stainless Steel as it complemented the fabric selection. A simple Ball end finial for the Curtain Poles. As the decorator was due in the next few weeks my customer advised they would like the curtains installed after this work had been carried out.

Installation day was upon us. We started to fit the Two Curtain Poles it took a little time as we needed to get the drop exactly right for the Eyelet Curtains so they would hover above the floor. I do not usually tie my Curtains down but in this instance, we did as we did not like the kick flare on the end edges of the Eyelet Curtains as it detracted from the flute effect. We advised our customer after a few weeks please remove the strings and the Curtains will be trained to the perfect flute shape. Another successful install from the dream team.

So pleased with my Curtains, I love them Helena. Thank you so much.

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Two Eyelet Curtains with Stainless Steel Ball Poles established in October 2020, Handmade by Helena.


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