Five Handmade Roman Blinds in a Barn Kitchen. Runcton Holme, Norfolk.

Hello Helena, I saw your advertisement in our local paper, and you are just the person I am looking for. Would you come and see me? Home visit starts with my customer explaining they had found the perfect fabric and it is an end of roll. This job was a perfect candidate for my Refresh and Revive Service. All pre-existing Roman Blinds Systems would be completely refurbed. A nice and welcome surprise was putting a Cobalt Blue Border to the bottom edge on each of the Five Roman Blinds.

These Five Roman Blinds, using customers own. Curtains by Helena supplied a Premium 3-Pass Fleece Blackout Lining. Then we Refreshed and Revived all Roman Blind Systems. This consisted of removing the systems from customer home. Then taking to pieces. Checking all parts of the system where reusable, cleaned and then adapted to conform to 2014 child safety. Earlier I mentioned the fabric was an end of roll. Creative thinking comes into play. As these Five Roman Blinds are going to be unique, I looked at the amount and we did not have enough. But I know how I can make this work.

Installation day was upon us and all Five Roman Blinds had been Refreshed and Revived. We had to careful putting the Roman Blinds back on the brackets. Once the Trio of Roman Blinds where in place we moved onto the Twin Roman Blinds. The smile on our customers faces when the Installation was complete. It was a very precious moment for the Curtains by Helena dream team.

Very efficient and excellent service from start to finish. I am very pleased with my beautiful blinds.

Customer Testimonal

Five Roman Blinds established in November 2019, Handmade by Helena.


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