Twin Barn Bedroom Roman Blinds. Runcton Holme, Norfolk.

If you have read the Five Handmade Roman Blinds for a Barn Kitchen. This was my same customer I had the pleasure of working with.

Home visit starts with customer explaining she has found this perfect fabric. This job really brought to life the reason to refresh and revive existing blind systems.

A nice and welcome surprise was putting a mustard stripe border to the bottom of the Roman Blind this had to be pattern matched as these roman blinds where twin windows with raw brick edges so previous fitting of Roman Blinds had conflicted with the raw brick and had slightly damaged the spools that wound the blind up and down.

We had plenty of fabric to complete the job and a plan of action. Let the refresh and revive games commence.

These Twin Roman Blinds using customers existing fabrics. Curtains by Helena supplied a 3-pass fleece blackout lining. I refreshed and revived all Roman Blind systems. This consisted of removing the systems from customer home. Then taking to pieces. Checking all parts of the system where reusable and cleaned then adapted to conform to 2014 child safety systems.

Installation day was upon us and twin roman blinds had been refreshed and revived and ready to refit. When we entered the bedroom had been repainted and we had to careful putting the roman blinds back on the brackets as they were brittle and sun damaged but had plenty of life still in them. But disaster struck. I had made the Twin Roman Blinds too snug and the raw brick conflicted with the blinds being pulled up and down.

I was devastated, I apologised took them home and removed 5mm from one edge of each roman blinds. As raw brick is not a smooth straight line it was always going to be a risk. A mistake but another life lesson learnt. Problem fixed, I returned the Roman Binds back to the customer in a few days and they both worked perfectly. Happy days and an incredibly pleased customer.

Very efficient and excellent service from start to finish. I am very pleased with my beautiful blinds.

Customer Testimonial

Twin Roman Blinds established in December 2019, Handmade by Helena.


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