Handmade Curtains for Matching Pairs of Windows. Haddenham, Ely.

Let me introduce you to the most challenging job I have completed to date. Welcome to the silk curtains journey. It is better to tell this as a story so you can fully understand how we come to the final idea for this captivating room.

The fabric in question was silk bought by my customer while on honeymoon. My customer always wanted this fabric to be Curtains. One tiny issue we did not have enough fabric. Here we go Helena time to get creative and look outside the box to find a solution. Also, a key point in the brief was to ensure the Curtains had resilience against all elements, especially in the cooler months. So off I set with my books trying to find the ultimate design solution.

A composed mood board which explains the design journey and combining old techniques with modern day technology. Also note the drops on each window of these four windows are just over three metres. I knew this job was going to be tough. Not only to bring to life all the theories with grams square metre of fabric weights versus curtains poles but also the cherished memories this fabric held dear to my customers.

Installation day was upon us and yes, we knew it was going to be a long day with full fitting and installing ahead of us, but we kept going and all started to take shape. We ran into no problems due to the fact I managed all possible “what if” theories. Curtains by Helena supplied, custom cut and fitted all curtain poles and adapted the curtain wands to be able to manage with the drops and enable low touch to the silk curtains. We opted for the brackets to go on the frame of the woodwork due to the weight restrictions.

Two Handmade Curtains for matching pairs of windows established in October 2020, Handmade by Helena.


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