Eight pairs of Handmade Curtains with matching Roman Blind and Two Open Cassette Roller Blinds for a Holiday Home. Kelling Heath, Norfolk.

Some days I love my job when a customer has complete trust in your ability and gives you a brief. “I have bought these Ikea Readymade Curtains that I want you to make high end for my newly purchased Holiday Home.” No problem let’s get to work.

The making process of these eight sets of unlined ready-made Curtains was to unpick and retain the tab top heading tape and put a Helena spin on them. So, the Tab Top Heading Tape was reinforced to give longevity. We put a Premium 3-pass Blackout Lining to these Curtains to give them multi-purpose use and allow the Fabric to really be opulent and create a perfect tranquillity to this wonderful Holiday Home. Secrets in the Fabric, as the Fabric was exceptionally fine Blackout Lining was added into the hem and sides to prevent seeing a double print, this detail created an ultimate high-end finish.

Installation day was upon us, after an hour drive to the Holiday Home location we began unloading all eight sets of Curtains as well as the tools we needed to do the install. It was a lot of Curtains to hang and place into there forever home and at first, we felt overwhelmed. But we started in the lounge and worked around each room and then it was time for Helena to dress each Curtain, over four hours later all was in place and our customers were beyond happy.

We did not install the Roman Blind in the initial Installation of Eight sets of Curtains. This was due to my customer not being able to get a measure due to covid restrictions in place at that time. Our second visit a few months later was to install a beautiful Handmade Roman Blind in the Kitchen which matched all Eight sets of Curtains and Two Open Cassette Roller Blinds in Floyd ASC Golden Fabric from my trusted supplier, and these were installed in the Master Bathroom and then the Main Bathroom all fitted to child safe regulations.

We are delighted not only with the fact the Curtains look great, they are so very well made. 

Customer Testimony

Eight Handmade Curtains with matching Roman Blind. Two Open Cassette Roller Blinds from my trusted supplier Rol-Lite Blinds Limited. Established in June 2021. Fitted and Installed by Helena and Stuart.

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