Three Handmade Roman Blinds. Methwold Hythe, Norfolk.

Hello Helena, I am looking for a softer touch to my windows could you come and see me and give me some advice and inspiration.

On Home Visit it was clear we would be making Three Handmade Roman Blinds. It was a case of finding a complimentary fabric that would easily fuse into this beautiful Barn Kitchen. I explained we would use a 3-Pass Blackout Fleece this will illuminate and safeguard the main Fabric. All Three Roman Blinds would be inside recess.

Installation day was upon us, and all Three Roman Blinds went in with no problems and fitted simply perfect.

Three sets of Handmade Roman Blinds Installed and Fitted, established in December 2020.

We absolutely love the blinds. I didn’t think I would lower them down but I love the pattern so I have closed them every evening to see the full effect!

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