Handmade Trio Eyelet Curtains and Poles. Shouldam, Norfolk.

“Hello, I need your help for my lounge. I love Curtains my husband is not so keen. But I know I do not like blinds.”

The surprise was on this home visit the room had three sets of patio doors. I found that the personalised touchers my customers were putting in the room was modern touches from that I had a starting point for Curtain Poles and Curtains.

Choosing a colour was easy, we needed to use a warm flat burning plain fabric to talk to the modern touches in this room. Curtain Style had to be Eyelets, but I explained to my customer why we would head in this direction rather than having Pinch Pleat. It was a turning point and then our design journey began.

Fabric supplier Prestigious Textiles, collection Saxon shade Jaffa with Three pass Blackout Lining. 96 hand pressed eyelets in Gunmetal 07 to be a good match to the Curtain Poles. Three 35mm Black Nickel Ball Eyelet Curtain Poles.


Well the start of the fitting we had a wobble. It is tough we had three windows to replicate exactly. But we took a deep breath and started on getting the Curtain Poles put up then custom cut the poles to best compliment the window.

First Curtain was up but we noticed the floor was uneven it just rolled away on the left hand side this impacted us for the next window but we soon overcame and lifted the laser line to accommodate and moved onto second window knowing third window would then work.

Installation of three eyelet pole and three sets of curtains took us four hours to fit and of course a brief chat with our lovely customers.

Thank you, Helena, for making and installing three sets of lovely curtains. I would highly recommend your efficiency, helpful advice, and well-made curtains. Top marks**

Customer Testimonial

Trio of Eyelet Curtains with Curtain Poles established in June 2020, Handmade by Helena.


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