Three Handmade Roman Blinds. Downham Market, Norfolk.

Hello, are you the Curtain Lady. Well I have some Pinch Pleat Curtains from my previous home and wish to revive them in my new home. This is the reason I designed refresh and revive. So, my lovely customer said we would like the Curtains made into Roman Blinds in three parts of our new home. I have four widths can you make it work. I do not want the stack to be too low. No problem as the fabric is a floral, we will cascade the stack. Make the rose bunch be central and seen from the top fold.

Using customers own fabric, we supplied a Premium Lining and child safe roman blind systems. Roman Blinds use less fabric, but it is important that the top fold retains the main detail of the print so taking a pair of already made curtains and finding the top and cutting was exciting for me as love it when I am sailing close to the wind with fabric it keeps you on your toes.

Fitting went well. All three windows where straight forward. But I am never afraid to admit when I make a mistake, and yes, I could lie and not tell the truth but that is not me. So, Hallway Two Roman Blind I made 10cm short. Oh yes you can imagine my horror! I had written 104cm instead of 114cm. What I did next. Apologised to the customer. Asked if I could return later and bring a new blind. I had one width in customers fabric left so 4 hours later I returned to my customer home and fitted the blind and it fitted! Hurray.

Customer said: “My husband has commented on how well made these Roman Blinds are and hasn’t noticed I have died my hair from blonde to red”

Three Roman Blinds established in June 2020, Handmade by Helena.


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