Vertical Blinds with Gravity Weights. Downham Market, Norfolk.

When I first met my customers, they had just managed to move into their new home just before the first lockdown. My customer soon explained that they were not used to such an open front window and always had Vertical Blinds in their previous home and would like the same for this window to control the light and get some much-needed privacy in their lounge.

On home visit we talked about colours and the brief was to keep it simple. Allow the light to flow in the room and keep it neutral. Finding the shade was quite easy and my customer was pleased not to have to look through loads of fabric sample books.  I explained that is why I am here.  My vision was always to make the design journey easy and in hand this builds confidence in making final decisions.

Installation day was upon us and all went exceptionally well. We measured and worked well as a team and in no time, we had some beautiful Vertical Blinds fitted in the Lounge window and my customer was extremely happy.

Thank you for my lovely blinds. Helena gives an excellent service. I would recommend Curtains by Helena. Thank you, Helena.

Customer Testimony

Vertical Blinds with Gravity weights installed and fitted, established in June 2020. Trusted supplier to Curtains by Helena is Rol-Lite Blinds Ltd.


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