Two sets of Pinch Pleat Curtains and Three Roman Blinds. Runcton Holme, Norfolk.

A triumph there are not many times in my life, I am proud of my work.  We overcome quite a few design challenges and made it work better than it did before. Welcome to the Day Room. 

The brief was to refresh and revive all existing Roman Blind Systems, there was three romans blinds in total and reuse the interlining from the two pre-existing Pinch Pleat Curtains that was in this beautiful Day Room. This type of work is my guilty pleasure. Breathing a new life into pre-existing systems and re-use as much as possible. It can be a messy job but with a plan of action and the determination I have everything is do-able. My customer had selected the new fabric to be introduced to the Day Room. Which for me is great as we get to share the design and collaboration journey.

On Installation Day we unloaded the car and needed to get the two sets of Pinch Pleat Curtains hung back up on the Curtain Poles as soon as possible. Our fabric is 100% cotton so as you can imagine it creases quickly. Then it was time to move onto installing two Roman Blinds which went up perfect but not forgetting the third and final Roman Blind a new design innovation courtesy of Curtains by Helena, my customer wanted this Roman Blind to be moved up as its past position was not quite right, the challenge was also reusing all the pre-existing Roman Blind system. Not an easy task. So, we set to work on the third Roman Blind it took a while to talk through the plan of action and just like that we installed a beautiful third Roman Blind and my customer was extremely happy.

Helena is amazing, professional service & fitting . Beautifully made Curtains & Blinds for our Day Room, they look fabulous. Thank you .

Customer Testimony

Two Handmade Pinch Pleat Curtains and Three Roman Blinds established in November 2020, Handmade by Helena.


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