Four Bay Bend Metropole with Handmade Curtains and Roman Blind. Haddenham, Ely.

It is always an honour when you are asked to start another project with a customer. We were still working with Three Metre Drop Curtains and this time it was for a glorious four bend bay window.

Walking into the breath-taking Dining Room, I knew that the Curtains needed to sit beautifully with all the touches existing to this room. It was an easy decision for me, but my customer needed more time. We decided on three types of finishes but in the end, we concluded a Silent Gliss Four Bend Metropole in Antique Bronze with Golden Tiebacks. The fabric was from my trusted supplier Prestigious Textiles, and we were going to add a 1-Pass Interlining with a 3-Pass Blackout Lining. The brief was to keep a barrier in the cooler months for Insulation purposes as well as giving the Curtains complete longevity. Also, the small window to the left was going to be an inside recess Roman Blind in the same fabric.

We did the Installation on the Dining room in Three visits split over a few months. Firstly, we measured and checked for final measure for the four-bay pole. Then came second phase were fitting the Pole into position. The Silent Gliss Metropole was to be fitted three metres high and then put the Roman Blind into position ready for the third and final install day where Curtains and tweaks to Curtain Pole would be happening. This has been the toughest Installation we have done to date, and we are immensely proud of the outcome and success of this job.

Totally 5 Star Service!! Well this was a journey not sure I expected quite where we’d go from day 1 of meeting Helena but we have exceeded our expectations! Curtains by Helena helped me complete the finishing touches to two of our most decorative rooms. One was with fine silk from our honeymoon and the second we built from scratch together. We negotiated with husbands, we revisited project 1 during project 2 and it all came together beautifully. Thank you for your patience, your attention to detail and hard work! Fabulous results

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Handmade Pencil Pleat Curtains with Four Bay Bend Silent Gliss Metropole, Double Bell Tiebacks and Roman Blind established in March 2021.


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