Roller Blind & Vertical Blind. Downham Market, Norfolk.

Hello Helena, I would like some Blinds please. On Home Visit, we discussed having a Roller Blind for the Dining Room and Vertical Blind in the Bedroom. Making fabric choices can be quite difficult sometimes. But I love working with my customers to help them make easy choices. In the bedroom we went for Ribbons […]

Curtain Alterations. Downham Market , Norfolk.

Welcome to Curtains by Helena Alteration Service. Have you just moved home and would like to reinvent your pre-existing Curtains and adapt them to fit into your new home? Or maybe you have found the perfect Curtains, but they are too long, and you need Curtains by Helena to shorten them. Check out the Customer […]

Vertical Blinds with Gravity Weights. Downham Market, Norfolk.

When I first met my customers, they had just managed to move into their new home just before the first lockdown. My customer soon explained that they were not used to such an open front window and always had Vertical Blinds in their previous home and would like the same for this window to control […]