13 Cruiser Boat Curtains. Broads, Norfolk.

I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely couple who live in St. Germans, Norfolk.

Who last year bought a Cruiser Boat that they had spent the previous year rebuilding the engine and making the Cruiser completely watertight.

When I met them at their home in early March, they were ready to do the finishing touches and the first part of that was to get new Curtains made. The couple visited there boat a few weeks ago moored at the Broads in Norfolk and had removed all the existing 13 Curtains for me to make patterns from and make new Curtains to cheer up their cherished Cruiser Boat.

We quickly settled on Prestigious Textiles Jorvik Powder Fabric. As a special touch I lined the fabric with a cotton satin skin to protect the Curtains from sun damage and then placed pockets to the top left so they could identify quickly which window each of the thirteen curtains would need to go on the boat. I love doing special touches and as I was not fitting, so it was important to me to make it as easy as possible for my customers. These Curtains also required a press studs on a few Curtains which was another first for me, but it worked very well, and effect and finish just looked boating perfect.

I did not fit these Curtains. But made patterns from the existing Curtains for the new Boat Curtains. It was an interesting few day. I had angles, curves, and nothing was square! It was fun. It was like I had accepted a challenge and pushed my mind to adapt to new ideas and find solutions. I made the Linings as skins, so they became one with the main fabric so the where not loose as on boats they have pacific fixtures and fittings, and all must fit just snuggly and perfect.

Helena made curtains for our boat and we are absolutely delighted with them. Helena spent time with us choosing the fabric and designing the curtains so they would fit perfectly. Nothing was too much trouble and she kept us informed every step of the way. If you want curtains made, then we would thoroughly recommend Helena.

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Thirteen Cruiser Boat Curtains established in May 2020, Handmade by Helena.


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